Tandem Paragliding summer

Wallis is well known for good anabatic winds and thermals which allow us to stay longer in the air. If you book a thermal flight, we often get higher than take-off site and sometimes we're lucky to see the Glacier of Aletsch.

No prerequisites are needed for a tandem flight. Good shoes and a warm jacket are fine. Our swiss certified tandem pilots equip you with helmet, harness and gloves if necessary. After a few take-off instructions and a short run down a grassy slope you are air born and ready to soar the sky around the region of Aletsch. 

During every flight we take a few pictures and videos. Check it out right after landing and if you like it, we make a copy on your mobile phone right on spot. 

Even groups and clubs are welcome. Please contact us in advance to arrange your trip.

Just give us a ring or write us an E-Mail. We will answer as quick as possible to arrange your flight. 

Paragliding from Belalp

Flying from Belalp offers a great view towards the Glacier of Aletsch, but also to Simplon and far down the valley you will even see the Matterhorn. We fly over the gorge of Massa and will finally land in Bitsch, which is close to Brig.


Paragliding from Riederalp

Riederalp is well known for good thermals. These updrafts can bring us higher than take-off and we might even see the Glacier of Aletsch from high above. But also a calm morning flight is often just right for those who never flew before.  

Paragliding from Rosswald

We hike for aprx. 30 min. to reach take-off at Rosswald. The views to Simplon pass and far down the Rhone-Valley are spectacular. Landing will be in Ried-Brig, where Geo Chavez took-off in 1910 in his "aeroplane" to cross as first man the alps! 


Paragliding-Tandemflight - Classic                    aprx. 15 min. Flight-Time / 150 SFR

Paragliding-Tandemflight - Premium                 aprx. 30 min. Flight-Time / 200 SFR

Paragliding-Tandemflight - Deluxe                     aprx. 45 min. Flight-Time / 250 SFR

Paragliding Pictures from flights in Summer