Paragliding from Belalp at night! (winter only)

After sunset we climb the highest point of Belalp in a snow groomer. After some preparation time it's time to take off into the dark. As snow reflects the moonshine, we see enough to provide a save flight down to Ried-Brig which lies in the valley floor.

Brig itself is lovely colored by many street lights, espacially the trainstation shines in a bright orange. A must see for everyone who loves something special and romantic.

Maybe it's just a nice gift for your partner and on top a thrilling experience.

After the flight we will spend some time at the fire and have a drink, before we bring you back.  


Price: 280.- (max. 2 people) 

Flight from 4000m (Allalin)

Would you like to climb a mountain over 4000 meters and then fly down to the valley as a passanger?

Are you a paragilding pilot and you fly regularly?

We offer you a guided tour to Allalin (4027m), supervision by a certified and experienced paragliding instructor as well as professional tandempilots to fly down with you on a tandem.

Definitely a unique and breathtaking experience!