Paragliding Tandem-Flights in winter

During winter season we offer Tandemflights from Belalp and Rosswald. Take-off with skis or snowboard is really easy, even for beginners. Due to the calm winter air you can enjoy a funny ride over the slopes. Landing is close to the chairlift or gondola, so you can continue skiing or snowboarding without wasting time.

If you don't ski or snowboard, we can also foot launch from Belalp and land in the valley. We can pick you up at Brig trainstation and after the flight we can drop you off at any place in Brig.

You have various options to chose from. The more Hight Difference we have, the longer we stay in the air. It's up to you. Take-Off site at Hohstock is only accessable with skis or snowboard!

During all flights your pilot has got a specialized GoPro camera to take pictures and videos. If you wish, you can get a copy on a USB drive right after the flight. 

Max. weight for Paragliding is 110 kg. 

Paragliding at Belalp in winter (Launch with skis or snowboard)

Hohstock-Kühmatte (S)

Fliegende Hexe Belalp

The ideal flight while you are skiing at Belalp. Have a ride on a paraglider from top (3100m) to the skischool and enjoy the view over the mountains and the glacier of Aletsch. You even don't have to take your skis off. Very easy launch and landing. 


Hight-Difference: 1100 m 

Flying-Time: aprx. 15 min.

Price: 130 Swiss Francs

Hohstock-Blatten (L)

Startplatz Hohstock

Take-Off is also at the very top of the skiing area, but we fly down to Blatten and get almost double altitude and double airtime. If you wish we cruise around the snowy hills and do a few touch'n go's. Definitely a very pleasant flight!


Hight-Difference: 1800 m 

Flying-Time: 20-30 min.

Preis:  180 Swiss Francs


Hohstock-Bitsch (XL)

Tandemflug Belalp

The flight with the biggest hight difference ever! Fying down from 31000 m to the valley floor is a breathtaking experience! We fly over ski slopes, along the glacier, over the gorge of Massa and you will even see the highest Swiss Mountains!  


Hight-Difference: 2400 m 

Flying-Time: 30 min. 

Price: 230 Swiss Francs

Paragliding at Belalp (Foot-Launch)

Belalp-Bitsch (M)

Tandem-Gleitschirmfliegen auf der Belalp

Launch is just next to the big cable-car at Belalp. We fly down to the valley and land close to Brig.

Max weight: 90 kg!


Take-Off: Belalp, 2100 m

Hight-Difference: 1400 m 

Flying-Time: aprx. 20 min.


Price: 160 Swiss Francs

Hohbiel-Blatten (M)

Gleitschirm-Tandemfliegen Belalp

Even if you don't ski, we can get up to 2700m at Hohbiel. A flight from up tehre offers you great view and fantastic scenery. 


Take-Off: Hohbiel, 2700 m

Hight-Difference: 1400 m 

Flying-Time: aprx. 20 min.


Price:  160 Swiss Francs

Hohbiel-Bitsch (L)

Gleitschirm Passagierflüge Belalp

For this flight you need 2h time to be back. It's a long ride along the whole area with view to the glacier and over the whole valley. Definitely spectacular! 


Take-Off: Hohbiel, 2700 m 

Hight-Difference: 2000 m 

Flying-Time: aprx. 30 min. 


Price: 200 Swiss Francs

Pictures from Paragliding at Belalp